Anthony Mackey

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Candidate Details

OK House District: HD 20

Party Affiliation: Republican







Anthony Mackey is a lifelong resident of Central Oklahoma who owns and operates 2 businesses (M&M Outdoor Exchange and M&M Natural Resource Management), enjoys hunting and fishing, is a colon cancer survivor, and has lived in the Noble area since he was 3 years old. In 1977, his family moved from SW Oklahoma City to rural Cleveland County, 15 miles east of Noble. A few years later Anthony started kindergarten in Noble Public Schools, graduating in 1992 as a 13-year Senior, attending Noble the entire time from kindergarten thru 12th Grade. As a child, Anthony was a member of the Boy Scouts of America as a Cub Scout and then later as a Boy Scout obtaining the rank of Life Scout. He later joined the Explorer Scouts and the Civil Air Patrol until he graduated high school.

Later as an adult, Anthony went on to become Den Leader, Cub Master, and Scout Master for both the Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts in Purcell (where he met his wife Tammie) and later in Noble (where he helped revitalize the Cub Scout and Boy Scout programs). After graduating high school in 1992, Anthony worked at Target where he met his wife of 27 years, Tammie Mackey (a former Purcell Public School teacher), whom he married in 1995. Anthony went on to work for the City of Noble as a Sanitation Worker, Water and Wastewater Operator, and the Superintendent and Operator of the City of Noble Wastewater Treatment Plant. He later went to work for the City of Norman as a Wastewater Plant Operator and Storm Water Quality Inspector before moving on to the State of Oklahoma. While at the City of Norman, Anthony went to college at the age of 32, graduating first from Rose State College with an Associates in Environmental Science and then a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science and Conservation with a Minor in GIS from the University of Oklahoma. It was with these degrees that Anthony was able to get his first job with the State of Oklahoma at the Oklahoma Water Resources Board and his current position with the Oklahoma Military Department.

While at the Oklahoma Water Resources Board (OWRB), Anthony oversaw the permitting section and all water use throughout the State of Oklahoma. He was also chosen to serve as the Technical Advisor for the OWRB during the later parts of the Water Mediation Agreement between the State of Oklahoma, City of Oklahoma City, and the Chickasaw and Choctaw Tribes. His work at the OWRB included assisting with meeting and working with lawmakers at the Capitol on water related issues and bills in the State of Oklahoma, as well as working with multiple cities to assist them with their water planning and management needs. This included developing a plan for a proper water source for Cleveland County Rural Water District #1 and assisting with the initial development of that plan to establish water rights with the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation. Anthony left the OWRB in 2017 to start his water consulting business, M&M Natural Resource Management, where he has performed work for many clients ranging from farmers and ranchers to mining operations and corporations. While operating M&M Natural Resource Management, Anthony once again went to work for the State of Oklahoma with the Oklahoma Military Department.

He currently serves there as the State Hazardous Waste Manager for the Oklahoma National Guard. Also, during this time, Anthony opened M&M Outdoor Exchange (a firearms, hunting, and fishing store) in Noble, where you can find him working most weekends. Anthony and his wife Tammie have been married for 27 years. While they have no children of their own, they have multiple nieces and nephews, as well their border collie Ace. They enjoy the outdoors and traveling together with Ace and spending time with their families.