The Muslim Student Association hosted an event Feb. 16 in the Oklahoma Memorial Union titled 10 Misconceptions About Islam to dispel Islamic stereotypes.

Imad Enchassi, senior imam of the Islamic Society of Greater Oklahoma City and professor of Islamic studies at various institutions, was the speaker for the event. Enchassi’s presentation included questions, examples and verses from the Quran to dismiss misconceptions about Islam.

Misconceptions ranged from the meaning of “jihad,” to the idea that Muslim women are oppressed, to the origins of the religion as a whole.

Questions followed the presentation, with attendees asking how rules regarding women are applied in the Islamic faith, if people in the Middle East preach anti-Christian rhetoric and how Muslim-Americans deal with hostile situations, among other things.

Enchassi said in an interview after the event that hosting events such as this one is important to create dialogue and awareness.

“Education is a key element in expelling the myths and the misconceptions,” Enchassi said. “Nowadays, as our faith is being demonized, it is extremely important to come out to a university that has a reputation that it is open and is tolerant so we can spread the truth about our religion to those who are seeking it.”