Regarding “Muslim advocacy group asks for apology” (News, Sept. 4): State Rep. John Bennett wrote on Facebook that the Quran “clearly states that non-Muslims should be killed.” He also said Christians should be “especially wary” of Muslims since this is what their holy book says. While the Quran does say that, Bennett interprets it literally, without context and without reading the dozens of verses demanding peaceful behavior from followers of Islam.

Deuteronomy 17 also has a clear command to stone to death nonbelievers, yet this passage must be read in context and we must also take into account the whole of Scripture, which demands different actions from us. Holy scriptures are complicated works, written by people with a variety of views, just like the world in which we live, and they require thoughtful, prayerful reading. Also, religions, whether Islam or Christianity, are not monolithic.

As a Christian, I no more wish to be known by the actions and interpretations of the KKK or Westboro Baptist Church than the majority of Muslims wish to be known by the horrific actions of ISIS or al-Qaida. None of us benefits from stereotyping or generalizing, particularly when it’s done in an uninformed way.

Chris Moore, Tulsa