Islamophobia in Oklahoma. Right now it’s a huge obstacle for the Oklahoma chapter of council on American-Islamic relations or Cair.

Tonight, a change in conversation in search for a peaceful solution.

“We are teaching people how to build bridges,” said Cair-OK Civil Rights Director Veronica Laziure, “And how to bridge that gap between the Muslims society and the rest of the community.”

Bridges built in the past they feel have since been burned.

The campaign trail, Donald Trump’s recent stance against Syrians crossing our boarders, creating a ripple effect CAIR says has caused harm, and now fear among the Muslim people. Right now bullying in schools is one of their biggest battles and now Fox 25 has learned it’s not only their peers Muslim students have to worry about.

“Unfortunately we hear it all too often of woman getting their head scarves pulled off in school or being called Osama or terrorists and referencing something very hateful and negative,” said Cair-OK Executive Director Adam Soltani.

In the Spring, a diversity training program was successfully launched in one Oklahoma school. Cair directors tell FOX 25 the new goal, to put the class that promotes peace and understanding on as many campuses as possible.

Cair released a statement this afternoon revealing a recent survey done by the council on American-Islamic relations California chapter showed that over half of Muslim students faced bullying and discrimination, a rate that is twice the national average of students reporting bullying.