Each year, CAIR Oklahoma develops a state legislative agenda to advance key issues and promote civic engagement among Oklahoma Muslims. The agenda is informed by research, community interest, and CAIR-OK’s mission, and is approved by our Board of Directors.

The CAIR-OK 2017 Legislative Agenda supports policies that maximize religious freedoms, Constitutional protections, and work towards eliminating inequality in Oklahoma.

471362ed-56ca-4bf3-9dba-4a6d6586c79fSupporting Responsible Solutions to Fix Oklahoma’s Budget Crisis

The State of Oklahoma faces an unprecedented budget crisis brought on by years of irresponsible fiscal policy. We strongly support policy initiatives that work to make responsible increases to state revenues and provides prosperity for all Oklahomans.

359fd624-ad30-478c-9c2b-40a8c830eb6fStrengthening Federal and State Hate Crime Laws

In the last several years, the number of hate crimes reported to the FBI has continued to grow, with a 67% increase from 2014 to 2015 in the number of hate crimes against Muslims. In Oklahoma, state and federal hate crime charges are rarely, if ever brought against perpetrators, and only constitute misdemeanors. We support policies that seek to strengthen both state and federal hate crime laws.

80050987-6886-4f18-b3d4-6cd3a43f9ae6Opposing anti-Religious Freedom Legislation

For the last decade, CAIR-OK has zealously defended the Oklahoma Muslim community from legislation aimed to undermine their First Amendment freedoms to religion and speech. We will continue this tradition in 2017, with a renewed effort to ensure that all individuals are guaranteed their constitutionally protected rights.

a41ea438-e251-4da4-a6b4-0acefaf83ab2Reducing the Number of Women Incarcerated in the State of Oklahoma

Oklahoma continues to lead the nation in the number of women incarcerated at a rate more than twice the national average. Abolition is a crucial element of any social justice agenda. We are committed to supporting programs and initiatives that encourage discretion in sentencing and focus on true rehabilitative practices.

db90f099-771c-47c3-b005-62a20589c2c8Protecting Social Services

As an organization, we often work with vulnerable and disenfranchised communities. Social service programs are an important part of making those communities healthier, safer, and happier. We support any policies aimed at reinforcing and improving these important services, such as affordable healthcare, mental health counseling and treatment, and food assistance for needy families.